Basic Quality Policy

The quality guarantee system comprehensively manages all of its quality-related work, from product development to delivery-to-customer. Based on this, aim to satisfy customers through defect-free quality guarantees.

Quality Control Rules
Creating the best value
for customers
Striving for
the world’s best technology
Prioritizing cooperation
with all
Cherishing hopes,
learning and innovation
Quality-Guarantee System

Type Inspection – All materials are inspected according to the relevant standards.

Accepted materials are transferred to the next process and rejected materials are stored at a designated place.

Details on rejected materials are recorded and reported to a relevant department.

Quality Guarantee Technology

Quality is evaluated and improved using a statistical technique to guarantee the quality of a product.

Thorough management under our company’s related standards (Q.A MANUAL).
Process Inspection

All processes are shipped through work standardization, thorough planning, specialized working environments, maintained systems and measuring equipment, and systematized management of process conditions.

Management of facilities and measuring equipment
Maintenance/management of the standards and related criteria of a special process
Education and training for workers

We use the latest measuring equipment following the customer requirements, and evaluate and analyze the derived results using scientific methods.

Final Inspection

A manufactured product ultimately guarantees satisfaction of our company’s prescribed requirements and the customer’s requirements.