Feature of Shrink fit holderFeature of Shrink fit holder

Feature of Shrink fit holder

Feature of Shrink fit holder

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Feature of shrink fit holder

Easy to use with slim type without interference

Suitable for deep place processing
  • Easy to machine without interference
  • Possible to reduce cutting time and programming time without the interference of workpiece and jig
  • Cost saving effect for using short tools

Stability by strong clamping force

Realizaion for strong clamping force by shrink fir
  • Improvement of over 3times clamping force compared to conventiomal collet shuck
  • Precent tool damage. machining fault, slip and falling out when heavy cutting
  • Almost all-in one and rigidity improvement

Problem of shrink fit holder

  • High frequency induction device needed

Problem of shrink fit holder device

  • Heat fan type
    • The time for shrink insert, detach is long (about 3min)
    • The temperature of heat is diffused and working environment is not good
  • High frequency electronic induction heating type
    • The time for shrinl insert, detach is short
    • Higher price than heat fan type

Solution for problem Performance is excellent and need for inexpensice device