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Our quality assurance system provides the best quality for our customers with the best quality and reasonable price.


• Quality Code of Conduct

1. We create the highest value for our customers.

2. Challenge the best technology in the world.

3. Cooperation with the whole is prioritized.

4. Hopefully learn and innovate.


• Quality assurance system

Scanning – all materials are inspected in accordance with the relevant standards.

1. Accepted materials are transferred to the next process, and rejected materials are stored in designated locations

2. Notification of non-acceptance products is notified to department of record lingual language


• Quality assurance technology

– Evaluate and improve quality by using statistical techniques for quality assurance of products.

1. Strict management by our standard (Q.A MANUAL)


• Process inspection

– The entire process is thoroughly supervised by defined work standards, thorough planning, proper working environment, thoroughly maintained equipment / instruments, and proper control of process constraints.

1. Equipment and measuring instrument management

2. Maintain / manage standard of special process and related standard

3. Training of workers


• Specific / Evaluation / Analysis
– Measured and measured using up-to-date measuring equipment in accordance with customer requirements and evaluated through scientific methods.


• final check

– The finished product is ultimately guaranteed to meet our specified requirements and customer requirements.