• 1959


Foundation of JAPAN RICHMILL


• 2004

• 2005

Foundation of JUNJIN GONGGU

Direct import RICHMILL product from Japan


• 2007

Foundation of JUNJIN TTS Co. Ltd.

Co-development of High Frequency Shrink-fit Machine with Japan


• 2011

Expansion of JUNJIN TTS Co., Ltd.

Moving Factory to Gwangju


• 2012

Participating in SIMTOX 2012

ISO-9001 Quality Approval

Launching High Frequency Shrink-fit Machine


• 2013

Participating in BLECH EXPO2013

Acquisition of Patent of Milling Chuck


• 2014

Participating in SIMTOS 2014

Launching High Frequency Induction Shrink-fit Machine RX-8700F


• 2015

KSI ISO 14001:2009/ISO Approval

Moving to Jingok Industrial Complex with factory expansion

Foundation of Corporate research institute


• 2016

Participating in SIMTOS 2016

Approval of KSI ISO 14001:2009/ISO 14001:2004

Acquisition of CE Standard Certification For High Frequency Induction Shrink-fit Machine


• 2017

Certificate of Patent pertaining to Collet ChucK


• 2018

KS Q ISO9001:2015 Approval

Participating in SIMTOS 2018

Participating in CIMES 2018, China

Certificate of Patent

Certificate of Innovative SME(Inno-Biz 2018~2021)

Certificate of Management Innovative SME(Main-Biz 2018~2021)


• 2019

Participating in 2019 MTA, Bangkok

Selected as a company of Root Industry

Application of 2 Patents

Developing about 30 new products